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For Attorneys | Mitchell J. Kassoff, Franchise Attorney

For Attorneys

Mr. Kassoff can assist you in several ways.


Mr. Kassoff can act as your Franchise Counsel in Mediations, Arbitrations and Court Litigation in all fifty states.

Apply the various Franchise and other laws to your advantage.

Bring in defendants that you would have not known, which will add to your case.

Handle settlement negotiations.

Conduct discovery.

Conduct the trial.


Preparation of Franchise Documents

Ascertain if a business is suitable for franchising.

Draft the Franchise Agreement.

Draft the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Registration of your clients’ Franchise to allow the sale of franchises

Determine in which state you should incorporate.

Determine in which state the franchisor’s principal place of business should be.

Have your client’s Franchise Disclosure Document accepted for filing.


Your Legal Practice

Mr. Kassoff can show you on a one to one basis how to:

Start a Franchise Law practice.

Add a Franchise Law practice to your present practice.

Market your Franchise Law practice.

How to deal with franchisees.

All other matters concerning Franchising and Franchise law.

The fee to show you how to handle all aspects of a Franchise Law legal practice is the fee that Mr. Kassoff charges as a retainer for a franchise litigation.  After your first case you should have recovered this fee.